BREATHE Editorial Process: Nurturing Wellness Wisdom

At Breathe, our commitment to well-being drives every aspect of our editorial process. We’re passionate about providing a trusted space where our readers can explore the various dimensions of wellness—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. Here’s an insight into what sets our editorial approach apart:

Our Diverse Team of Wellness Enthusiasts:

Our dedicated writers are carefully selected and trained to meet our rigorous standards for sourcing and reporting. Our editorial team is obsessed with uncovering the knowledge that our community craves, translating it into actionable insights that empower individuals to make informed health choices.

Holistic Wellness, Simplified:

At Breathe, we believe in making wellness accessible. We are committed to delivering content that is not only accurate but also approachable. We break down complex studies and scientific jargon into actionable steps that empower our readers.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation:

We blend the latest scientific breakthroughs with ancient wisdom and traditions. While we remain rooted in credible research and evidence-based practices, we maintain an open-minded approach to new possibilities in wellness.

Our Pillars of Focus:

  • Health: We explore a 360-degree approach to health, recognizing the interconnectedness of various well-being aspects. Our focus spans nutrition, gut health, mental wellness, movement, sleep, breath, immunity, and women’s health.
  • Beauty: Beauty, to us, is not just skin deep. We explore the purpose of beauty in enhancing physical, emotional, environmental, cultural, and mental well-being. We celebrate the joy and playfulness in beauty, striking a balance between the profound and the frivolous.
  • Love and Relationships: Rooted in self-awareness and empathy, we delve into the dynamics, challenges, and growth opportunities in relationships. Our approach leans toward introspection, emotional literacy, and authentic conversations.
  • Spirituality: We believe that meaning and purpose are vital for well-being. Spirituality serves as a conduit to self-discovery, helping individuals answer life’s significant questions from their own inner knowing.
  • Sustainability: We acknowledge the reality of human-induced climate change and stay positive in advocating for solutions. We focus on actionable steps individuals can take to be part of the solution.

Creating Exceptional Content:

Our expert contributors and editors report on groundbreaking discoveries, interview leading experts, and share transformative personal stories across all wellness pillars. We prioritize well-researched, well-sourced, and well-written content. When experts aren’t the authors, we rely on sources from peer-reviewed journals and certified professionals, always providing links for reference.

Our Rigorous Review Process:

  • Fact-checking: All news content undergoes comprehensive fact-checking, encompassing everything from proper names to expert-provided information.
  • Medical Reviews: Medical content is subject to reviews by relevant medical experts to ensure accuracy and proper sourcing.
  • Expert and Peer Reviews: We involve specialists, including Ph.D.s, R.D.s, LCSWs, and more, to review and enhance our content. Peer reviews offer an additional layer of vetting.

Access to Renowned Experts:

Our network of experts, known as the Breathe Collective, extends beyond medical professionals to include certified yoga instructors, therapists, nutritionists, and spiritual leaders. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a holistic view of well-being.

Submission Guidelines:

If you’re passionate about contributing your wellness wisdom to Breathe, please submit your pitch to We review submissions weekly and appreciate your patience. We eagerly welcome insightful experts to join our community.

Commitment to Accuracy:

We take accuracy seriously. If you come across an error in our content, kindly inform us at, and we will promptly address it. When a correction is made, we transparently notify our readers within the article.

At Breathe, we're dedicated to fostering a community that prioritizes well-being and personal growth. Join us in our mission to empower individuals on their wellness journeys. Your voice and expertise make a difference.