4th Annual Walking to Live



June 1, 2024    
8:30 am - 1:30 pm


Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline
Entrance on Swan Way Kingfisher site Oakland, San Francisco, California, 94621, CA

Event Type

The Healing Institute Global Network invites you to the 4th Annual Walking to Live event, dedicated to celebrating life and promoting health. This outdoor event promises a great time filled with exercise, fun, fellowship, and tobacco awareness.

Event Focus

The event will address three major concerns:

  1. Cancer Prevention: Highlighting ways to reduce cancer risk through lifestyle choices and awareness.
  2. Celebrating Cancer Survivorship: Honoring those who have battled and survived cancer.
  3. Tobacco Awareness: Preventing our community from being targeted by the tobacco industry and promoting healthy lungs.

Goals and Activities

Our primary goals are to promote exercise, encourage fun and fellowship, and raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco. Let’s come together to celebrate life with healthy lungs and robust health!

  • Exercise: Engage in a healthy, invigorating walk.
  • Fun and Fellowship: Enjoy activities designed to foster community and connection.
  • Tobacco Awareness: Learn about the harmful effects of tobacco and ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Safety Measures

This event is in-person and will be held outdoors, with strict COVID-19 precautions in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

Team Participation

Gather your friends and family to create teams for more fun, bonding, and fundraising. Team participation not only enhances the experience but also helps in raising funds for cancer prevention and tobacco awareness initiatives.

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