An Evening of Flamenco

An Evening of Flamenco


July 12, 2024    
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


The Sound Room
3022 Broadway Oakland, San Francisco, California, 94611, CA

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Experience the mesmerizing art of Flamenco, an expressive fusion of song (cante), dance (baile), and musicianship (toque). Originating from Andalusia in southern Spain, with influences from regions such as Murcia and Extremadura, Flamenco captures the full spectrum of human emotion through its passionate performances.

Cante: The vocal heart of Flamenco, cante is performed by both men and women, often seated and without backing singers. Through its sincere and expressive lyrics, cante conveys a wide range of emotions, from grief and tragedy to joy and fear, characterized by its brevity and simplicity.

Baile: Flamenco dance is a passionate display of courtship and emotion, capable of expressing everything from sadness to elation. The dance technique varies: men typically employ more vigorous footwork, while women often use more graceful, sensual movements.

Toque: Initially serving as accompaniment, the art of Flamenco guitar playing has evolved into a prominent element of the performance. Additional instruments such as castanets, hand-clapping, and foot-stamping further enhance the rhythmic and dynamic experience.

Flamenco is an integral part of religious festivals, rituals, church ceremonies, and private celebrations. It holds significant cultural value for many communities, especially the Gitano (Roma) ethnic group, which has been instrumental in its development. Flamenco’s rich tradition is preserved and passed down through families, social groups, and Flamenco clubs, ensuring its enduring legacy.

Featured Artists:

  • Yaelisa: Dance
  • Pirouz: Vocals
  • Clara Rodriguez: Vocals & Dance
  • David McLean: Guitar

Join us for an unforgettable evening as these talented performers bring the vibrant, emotional world of Flamenco to life.

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