Complete Facial Aesthetics – San Francisco, CA


March 22, 2024    
7:00 am - 12:00 pm


San Francisco Marriott Fisherman's Wharf
1250 Columbus Avenue , San Francisco, California, 94133

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Elevate Your Practice with Comprehensive Facial Aesthetics Training

Healthcare professionals seeking to expand their treatment repertoire and provide holistic aesthetic solutions to their patients should consider Empire Medical Training’s Facial Aesthetic Training program. This comprehensive workshop caters to physicians, nurses, aestheticians, and any other qualified healthcare provider wishing to master a diverse range of non-surgical procedures.

While Botox and fillers are popular choices in aesthetic medicine, they often overlook other equally effective, yet underexplored treatments. These can significantly enhance patient outcomes by addressing fundamental skin concerns that can detract from the overall aesthetic effect.

Imagine performing a Botox procedure on a patient whose skin suffers from hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or uneven texture, tone, and color. The final outcome may not be as satisfactory as it could be if these underlying issues were addressed beforehand.

Empire Medical Training’s program bridges this gap by equipping you with the skills and knowledge to offer a complete spectrum of facial aesthetic treatments. This in-depth workshop delves into the theoretical and practical aspects of various procedures, ensuring you gain a thorough understanding of each technique.

Detailed written protocols guide you through every step of each procedure, ensuring clear and consistent execution. Moreover, the program provides a valuable opportunity for hands-on practice, allowing you to confidently apply your newfound skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Many attendees choose to undergo a procedure themselves during the workshop, offering a unique opportunity to experience the treatment firsthand. This not only solidifies their understanding but also allows them to empathize with their future patients at a deeper level.

For maximum convenience and learning efficiency, Empire Medical Training offers a sequential program consisting of the Comprehensive Botox Workshop, Dermal Filler Workshop, and Facial Aesthetic Training. This format allows you to build upon your knowledge progressively, gaining a comprehensive understanding of various aesthetic techniques.

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