Dance Open The Portal with Madhu & Ege

Dance Open The Portal with Madhu & Ege


June 27, 2024    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


The Portal Marin
33 Reed Boulevard Mill Valley, San Francisco, California, 94941, CA

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Join the enchanting musical duo Madhu Anziani and Egemen Sanli for a transformative experience with their event, Dance Open The Portal. Known for their mesmerizing uptempo music, Madhu and Ege blend ancient and modern elements, drawing inspiration from sacred texts to create an otherworldly auditory journey.

About the Artists

  • Madhu Anziani: A multifaceted musician known for his singing, beatboxing, and looping skills. Madhu’s innovative approach layers these elements to produce a rich, textured soundscape that captivates and elevates listeners.
  • Egemen Sanli: A master of world instruments, Ege brings a diverse range of sounds to the duo’s music. His expertise includes playing the sitar, Turkish saz, kopuz, handpans, and various percussion instruments. Each performance is a sonic exploration that bridges cultures and traditions.

Musical Experience

  • Unique Soundscape: The duo’s music is characterized by its unique and ethereal quality. By fusing Madhu’s vocal artistry and Ege’s instrumental virtuosity, they create a dynamic and immersive sound that transports audiences to expanded states of consciousness.
  • Versatile Performance: Their music is equally suited for deep, introspective journeys as it is for ecstatic dance. Whether you are seeking inner reflection or looking to express yourself through movement, the duo’s performance offers a profound experience.

Event Highlights

  • Ecstatic Dance: Move freely and expressively to the rhythmic beats and hypnotic melodies. The energetic and uplifting music encourages participants to release inhibitions and connect deeply with their bodies and emotions.
  • Inner Journeys: For those seeking a more meditative experience, the soundscapes crafted by Madhu and Ege serve as a perfect backdrop for inner exploration and spiritual expansion.

Why Attend

  • Holistic Experience: This event provides a holistic experience that nurtures both the body and the spirit. The fusion of rhythmic movement and meditative sound healing creates a unique environment for personal transformation.
  • Cultural Fusion: Enjoy a rich tapestry of sounds from different cultures, seamlessly woven together to create a universal language of music and dance.
  • Community Connection: Share the experience with a like-minded community, fostering connections and shared moments of joy and introspection.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Madhu Anziani and Egemen Sanli. Let their enchanting music guide you through a portal of rhythm, melody, and sacred sounds, leading to a space of joy, healing, and profound connection.

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