Hapé & Cacao Ceremony with Kat, Francisco, & Friends

Hapé & Cacao Ceremony with Kat, Francisco, & Friends


June 25, 2024    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


The Center SF
548 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94117 United States, San Francisco, CA, 94117

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Experience a transformative journey of self-connection and community celebration with Kat, Francisco, & Friends at the Hapé & Cacao Ceremony. This event offers a loving and safe space for grounding, heart opening, and connection.

The ceremony begins with the sacred ritual of hape, a powerful blend of medicinal plants and Amazonian tobacco, known for clearing stagnant energy and emotions while rooting participants to Mother Nature and self. Accompanied by chants and songs, hape creates a sacred space and invites the energy of the plants to flow.

Following the hape ritual, indulge in a heart-opening elixir of cacao infused with specific herbs to guide you from the head to the heart. This delicious drink opens the heart chakra, connecting you to your innate wisdom and creativity. As the energy of cacao flows inward, it creates a sense of warmth and contentment, fostering harmonious group dynamics and joyful connections.

Throughout the gathering, uplifting music and energizing rhythms encourage singing, dancing, and playful engagement, celebrating the beauty of life and the spirit of community. Live music and sacred songs from the Amazon rainforest amplify the experience, anchoring the energy of the ceremony and honoring Mother Earth.

What to Expect:

    • Grounding and clearing with hape
    • Heart-opening experience with cacao
    • Community connection and celebration
    • Guided meditation with cacao energy anchoring
    • Live music and songs
    • Invitation to honor Mother Earth
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