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May 3, 2024    
9:00 am - 10:00 pm


Glow Yoga & Wellness
1548 Stockton Street, San Francisco, California, 94133

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Boost Employee Wellbeing & Team Bonding: Enhance Your Company Culture with Glow Yoga SF!

Invest in Your Team’s Wellbeing & Boost Company Culture:

In today’s evolving work environment, prioritizing employee well-being isn’t just a perk; it’s a strategic advantage. Glow Yoga SF offers a range of engaging wellness programs designed to enhance your brand’s image, foster loyalty, and most importantly, cultivate a thriving team dynamic.

Combatting Remote Work Challenges:

The shift to remote work has presented challenges in team collaboration and engagement. Glow Yoga SF can help entice employees back to the office with compelling self-care options. Integrating activities like yoga, meditation, and high-quality wellness programs into your employee benefits package can:

  • Strengthen Team Bonds: Promote camaraderie and collaboration through shared experiences.
  • Increase Work Satisfaction: Boost morale and job fulfillment by prioritizing employee well-being.
  • Reduce Burnout: Equip your team with stress-management techniques and tools to prevent costly burnouts.

Capture Attention with In-Office Events:

Offer an exciting in-office wellness event that your team won’t want to miss! Glow Yoga SF boasts a team of experienced educators offering a variety of engaging activities for all ages and abilities.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs:

  • On-Site Sessions: Bring Glow Yoga SF’s expert instructors directly to your office.
  • Off-Site at Glow Yoga SF: Enjoy a beautiful studio space with skylights, high ceilings, and convenient access (15-minute walk from FiDi). Glow Yoga SF can accommodate up to 25 participants and provide yoga mats and props.
  • Public Class Participation: Reserve up to 8 spots for your team in Glow Yoga SF’s regularly scheduled classes.

Diverse Wellness Offerings:

Glow Yoga SF offers a wide range of wellness activities to cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s a glimpse at some of their popular options:

  • Yoga (Office, Chair, Yin with Hot Stones): Improve flexibility, reduce stress, and boost energy levels.
  • Meditation & Breathwork: Cultivate mindfulness, promote relaxation, and enhance focus.
  • MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction): Develop powerful tools to manage stress and improve overall well-being.
  • SoundBath Meditation: Experience deep relaxation and inner peace through immersive sound vibrations.
  • Self-Care Talks: Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for sustainable self-care.
  • Stress-Reduction Painting: Release tension and express yourself creatively through art.
  • Core Strengthening Classes & Myofascial Release: Improve posture, prevent pain, and enhance mobility.

Invest in Your Team’s Success:

Glow Yoga SF offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs, including special rates for conferences, ongoing programs, and Zoom classes. They are fully insured and cater to all levels and ages.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t hesitate to contact Glow Yoga SF using their web chat to discuss your specific needs and design a customized wellness program for your team. Invest in your company culture and witness the positive impact of prioritizing employee well-being!

Additional Information:

  • Pricing: Varies depending on session duration, program length, and number of participants. See website for details.
  • Minimum Booking: 1 hour (shorter sessions may be available)
  • Event Props: Glow Yoga SF can provide guidance on sourcing affordable props for your event.
  • Website:

Empower your team and cultivate a thriving work environment with Glow Yoga SF!

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