San Francisco Black Film Festival

San Francisco Black Film Festival Opening Night


June 13, 2024    
3:30 pm - 9:30 pm


African American Art & Culture Complex
762 Fulton Street San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 94102, CA

Welcome to the 26th annual Opening Night of the San Francisco Black Film Festival! Attendees can look forward to an evening filled with dinner and a curated selection of remarkable films celebrating Black artistry and storytelling.


“Black is Beautiful” is a short documentary that chronicles the inspiring efforts of a man dedicated to uplifting his community through his craft. In the wake of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Marcus Baskerville, the head brewer at Weathered Souls Brewing Co., initiated the “Black is Beautiful” project to address issues of inequality and police brutality. This documentary follows the inception of the initiative and its ongoing impact.

Directed by: Marco Antonio Ortega

Marco Antonio Ortega, an esteemed producer and director, brings over two decades of experience in various production roles. His notable work includes the award-winning documentary “Brewed in the 210” (2016). Ortega continues to be a dynamic force in the industry, producing and directing a wide range of projects.


“Bottles Spirits” tells the poignant story of Louise, a woman in her 50s from West Oakland, California—a community once heralded as the Harlem of the West and the birthplace of the Black Panther Party. As gentrification transforms her neighborhood into an alien and hostile environment, Louise grapples with the harsh realities of being Black in America. She numbs her pain with alcohol, cigarettes, and a biting wit. However, on this particular day, a long-awaited breakthrough occurs. An ancestor’s arrival prompts Louise to confront her inner demons and muster the courage to embark on a path toward redemption.


“TIMELESS” weaves a transcendent love story that spans centuries and continents. Ajuwa, a young Ghanaian warrior, loses her soulmate to the slave trade, only for their souls to reunite in modern times. In the present day, they are reborn as Malinda Benjamin, a U.S. Virgin Islands Senator, and Alphonse Walcott, a talented writer who has returned from New York. Their burgeoning relationship faces turmoil when Alphonse encounters Bianca, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic working in a St. Thomas brothel, and falls for her. As the narrative unfolds, the historical and spiritual connections between the characters are revealed, reflecting a complex love triangle. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Carnival, the film showcases the rich history, culture, and emotions of the Virgin Islands, highlighting the broader African Diaspora’s influence.

Join us for an evening of powerful stories and cinematic excellence as we celebrate the richness and diversity of Black culture and experiences at the San Francisco Black Film Festival.

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