Solstice Renewal: Acupuncture Sound Bath

Solstice Renewal Acupuncture Sound Bath


June 19, 2024    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


The Center SF
548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, California, 94117

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Experience an evening of deep rejuvenation and inner harmony at our Solstice Renewal event, featuring an acupuncture sound bath led by the talented musicians Arula & Nick, accompanied by licensed acupuncturist Kara Morton.

Renewal is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner essence, tapping into your innate wisdom and boundless potential. Throughout the session, you’ll have the space to explore your inner landscape through mindfulness practices and light energy medicine techniques. Then, immerse yourself in enchanting soundscapes, allowing the vibrations to renew, restore, and align you with your true self.

Kara Morton, an experienced acupuncturist, offers optional Classical Acupuncture sessions during the event. These sessions focus on the Extraordinary Vessel meridians, balancing yin and yang energies within the body. Through acupuncture, participants are guided out of their minds and into their hearts, where they can experience a sense of wholeness and completeness.

Indulge in a state of deep relaxation with a sound meditation featuring an array of instruments, including Native flutes, Crystal bowls, Hand Pan, Acoustic Guitar, Koshi Chimes, Tibetan bowls, Rainstick, Ocean Drum, Tuning Forks, Native Drum, Nature soundscape, and ethereal vocals.

Allow yourself to surrender to the transformative power of sound and acupuncture, leaving feeling renewed, restored, and aligned with your highest self.

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