Wellness Wednesday- Free Vinyasa Yoga Class


March 13, 2024 - March 27, 2024    
11:30 am - 12:30 pm


San Francisco Ferry Building
One Ferry Building , , San Francisco, , California, 94111

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Escape Your Grind, Find Your Flow: Lunchtime Vinyasa Yoga

Feeling the afternoon slump creeping in? Take a rejuvenating break and join our lunchtime vinyasa yoga class! This energizing practice is the perfect antidote to a desk-bound morning.

For a precious hour, step away from the office and reconnect with your mind and body. Immerse yourself in a supportive community of yogis, all seeking to recharge and refocus for the rest of the day.

Our all-levels vinyasa flow is designed to be accessible and empowering. We’ll guide you through a sequence of creative movements, dynamic stretches, and core work, all at a comfortable pace. This allows you to slow down, truly connect to each breath and movement, while still experiencing a satisfying challenge.

To enhance your practice and create an immersive soundscape, we’ll provide headphones. Let the soulful melodies wash over you, helping you stay present in the moment and enjoy a perfect blend of calming zen and invigorating beats.

Don’t worry about equipment – just bring your own yoga mat and an open mind. We’ll provide everything else you need to experience the transformative power of yoga right in the middle of your workday.

Leave the stress behind, find your inner flow, and return to your afternoon feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer anything!

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