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Padel in Bay Area with Coach Marcel Felder

Padel in Bay Area with Coach Marcel Felder

Padel in Bay Area

“It’s exhilarating,” exclaimed my son Nolan, aka “Nolie Guacamole,” who is 9 years old, after his first padel session with Coach Marcel. That level of enthusiasm is hard to come by for kids these days.  

Coach Marcel Felder Credit: Regina Cortina

It’s wonderful to see how Coach Marcel Felder has positively impacted my son’s enthusiasm for Padel, apparently the fastest-growing sport in the world. The influence of a good coach can often be the turning point in sparking a lifelong passion for a sport. Nolan plays tennis and pickleball, but he now loves the multi-dimensional aspect of Padel. “It’s mini-tennis with slices in a glass aquarium” he likes to explain.  Padel is being embraced by so many these days:

With his extensive background in racket sports and his adaptable, student-focused coaching style, Coach Marcel has a knack for connecting with his students personally. I’ve seen some coaches go through the motions and I’ve also seen kids light up with the proper mentoring and teaching.  

Coach Marcel will be representing Bay Padel at the America’s Cup.  Although he will be competing against our team from Breathe, we will still cheer him on!

The excitement for the America’s Cup is palpable as the event gears up in the picturesque beach town of Puerto Escondido, with Club Bacocho playing a central role in the preparations. We will all be there and the anticipation for the tournament is evident through the detailed arrangements being made to accommodate the influx of players and fans. The focus on the growth of padel in the region and personal insights from team captains such as Marcel for Bay padel and Reed for Breathe adds a personal touch to the build-up, promising an engaging and memorable event for all involved.

This student-coach connection is crucial, especially for younger players, as it helps them learn the game’s technical aspects and develop a genuine love for the sport. There’s a reason parents can’t coach their kids!

Coach Marcel is patient, and his empathetic approach likely made my son feel comfortable and confident on the court. “Don’t crush it; take it easy, and be smooth,” Coach likes to say. Marcel’s ability to tailor his coaching methods to suit individual students’ needs might have played a significant role. We’ve seen him in beginner clinics and also top-ranked players. This kind of personalized attention improves skills boosts a student’s morale and keeps them engaged.

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Coach Marcel’s stories from different parts of the world and experiences in various competitions could have given my son a broader perspective on Padel, making the sport more intriguing and exciting. Marcel Felder embarked on his tennis journey at the tender age of four (who was his coach!!).  He rose to prominence with a junior career high of #4 in singles and #5 in doubles in 2002. 

As a professional, his highest ATP rankings were #227 in singles and #82 in doubles. Felder’s accolades include representing Uruguay in the Davis Cup and clinching a gold medal in singles at the 2013 Maccabiah Games in Israel.  

I’ve tried Padel too and hitting that ball is so satisfying.  Learn to play Padel. It is so much fun and make sure to stop by Bay Padel and say hello to Coach Marcel.  

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