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The Revitalizing Power of Oxygen Facials

The Revitalizing Power of Oxygen Facials


Oxygen Facial is a skincare treatment that leverages the power of oxygen to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. This innovative approach involves spraying highly concentrated molecules of oxygen right into the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin), infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts. The process enhances the skin’s absorption of these ingredients, promoting health and vitality.

Benefits of Oxygen Facial: A Closer Look

Oxygen facials offer a plethora of benefits tailored to improve various skin conditions and concerns:

  • Wrinkle Reduction: By boosting collagen production, oxygen facials help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leading to smoother skin.
  • Enhanced Skin Texture: The treatment refines the skin’s texture, making it softer and more supple.
  • Collagen Stimulation: The oxygen encourages the natural production of collagen, which is key to maintaining firm and youthful skin.
  • Blemish Minimization: Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the visibility of acne and other skin blemishes.
  • Soothes Inflammation: The calming effect of oxygen facials can soothe irritated and inflamed skin.
  • Even Skin Tone: It helps balance skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation and unevenness.
  • Hydration Boost: The infusion of hydrating serums leaves skin deeply hydrated.
  • Pore Size Reduction: Regular treatments can lead to a reduction in pore size, giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Ideal Candidates

Oxygen facials are versatile and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They are particularly beneficial for individuals looking to address concerns such as premature aging, dryness, dull complexion, and uneven skin tone. If you have specific sensitivities, inform your esthetician so they can customize the treatment to your needs.

The Treatment Experience

Typically lasting between 30 to 60 minutes, the oxygen facial involves:

  • Deep Cleansing: To prepare the skin for optimal absorption.
  • Exfoliation: To remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.
  • Oxygen Infusion: A stream of high-pressurized oxygen infused with vitamins and antioxidants is applied to the skin.

Hydration and Nourishment: Application of hydrating serums and moisturizers to seal in the benefits.  The procedure is painless, with no downtime, allowing for an immediate return to your daily activities.

Bay Area Providers

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, a variety of esteemed spas and dermatology clinics offer personalized oxygen facials. From luxury spas in downtown San Francisco to specialized skin care centers in Palo Alto and Berkeley, there’s no shortage of places to indulge in this rejuvenating experience.

Aftercare Insights

To maximize the results of your oxygen facial:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.
  • Sun Protection: Use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect the skin from UV damage.
  • Gentle Skincare: Avoid harsh products or exfoliating for a few days post-treatment.
  • Consistent Care: Consider incorporating oxygen-infused products like the GlyMed Plus OXYGEN Treatment Cream or Deep Pore Cleanser into your home skincare routine for sustained benefits.

Key Takeaways

Oxygen facials have surged in popularity for their multitude of skin-enhancing benefits, offering a brighter complexion, reduced signs of aging, and an overall rejuvenated appearance. With customizable treatments available, it’s a versatile option for anyone seeking to elevate their skincare regimen.

San Francisco

Paula Butler Skincare

      Credits: Michele S.

      Location: 3665 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118
      Cost Range: Oxygen facials likely $175-$300 range
      Best Known for: Experienced esthetician offering personalized, clinical-grade oxygen facial.

      Skinspirit-Presidio Heights

      Location: 3325 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118
      Cost Range: Oxygen facials around $200-$400
      Best Known for: Upscale medical spa chain known for advanced oxygen facial treatments

      LK Skin Studio

      Location: 120 Hickory St, San Francisco, CA 94102

      Cost Range: Oxygen facials likely $195-$350 range
      Best Known for: Luxurious spa offering customed, medical-grade oxygen facials tucked away in Hays Valley.

      The Pure Skin

      Location: 2225 Union St suite 4, San Francisco, CA 94123
      Cost Range: Oxygen facials around $150-$300
      Best Known for: Clean beauty focused facials, including oxygen treatments, certified as a Chinese face and body diagnost, and beauty nutrition specialist.

      Heather Johnson Studios

      Location: 1195 65th St, Emeryville, CA 94608
      Cost Range: $199 to $375

      Best Known for: Oxygen infusion treatments

      Marion Pernoux

      Location: 21 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94111
      Cost Range: Oxygen facials likely $175-$350

      Best Known for: Personalized oxygen facials by experienced French esthetician Marion

      Cocoon Day Spa

      Location: 330 1st St. Fl 2. San Francisco, CA 94105
      Cost Range: Oxygen facials around $125-$225
      Best Known for: Tranquil day spa offering basic oxygen facial treatments, locations in SOMA, Rockridge, and Noe Valley

        Nicole Burke Skincare

        Location: 3212 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94123

        Lisa Bradbury Skincare Salon

        Location: 2425 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115
        Cost Range: Oxygen facials likely $175-$300
        Best Known for: Customized oxygen facials by skincare expert Nicole Burke, offers “Glow facials” and even the “Hot Mama Facial”

            South/East Bay

            Aphrodite Med Spa & Skin Clinic

            Location: 225 Washington St #115, Santa Clara, CA 95050

            Cost Range:Oxygen facials likely $200-$400+
            Best Known for:Medical spa specializing in advanced oxygen facial treatments.

            MEND Modern Hair Restoration and Aesthetics

            Location: 500 E Calaveras Blvd #150, Milpitas, CA 95035

            Cost Range: Oxygen facials around $150-$300
            Best Known for: Hair restoration clinic that also offers oxygen facials and microabrasion. 

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            Finesse Skincare

            Location: 145 Dillon Ave, Suite E, Campbell, California 95008
            Cost Range: Oxygen facials likely $125-$250
            Best Known for: Personalized skincare and oxygen facial treatments.

            Glow Aesthetics Skin & Body

            Location: 1275 Lincoln Ave #4, San Jose, CA 95125
            Cost Range: Oxygen facials around $125-$225
            Best Known for: Clean beauty focused oxygen facials and other treatments

            Total Glow

            Location: 1906 El Camino Real #102, Menlo Park, CA 94027
            Cost Range: Oxygen facials likely $200-$400+
            Best Known for: High-end med spa providing luxury oxygen facial experiences

            L & P Aesthetics

            Location: 105 Addison Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301
            Cost Range: Oxygen facials around $175-$350
            Best Known for: Experienced team offering clinical oxygen facials. “For the Face” provides skin & wellness, medspa and surgical services as well.  

            7. The Cakery Infusions

            Location: 5373 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

            Cost Range: $200 and up
            Best Known for: Wellness, medical spa with suite of services from cold plunge, step exercise to IV drips to facials.  

            Skin Refine Medspa

            Location: 398 W. El Camino Real, #106 Sunnyvale, CA 94087
            Cost Range: $250 and up
            Best Known for: Chemical Peels and Resurfacers, Customized Facials Dermaplaning, DiamondGlow Microdermabrasion and Triple Oxygen Facial

            La Vie MD

            Location: 2505 Samaritan Drive Suite 310 San Jose, CA 95124
            Best Known for: Non-surgical aesthetic services to include oxygen facials, hydrafacials, peels and dermaplaning. 


            In conclusion, the transformative effects of oxygen facials on the skin cannot be overstated. As a rejuvenating and revitalizing treatment, oxygen facials offer a non-invasive approach to skincare, promoting collagen production, improving skin tone and texture, and providing a radiant glow. By delivering a potent dose of pure oxygen to the skin, these facials help combat environmental stressors and replenish vital nutrients, leaving the skin looking and feeling refreshed and renewed. Incorporating oxygen facials into a skincare routine can be a luxurious and effective way to achieve a healthier, more radiant complexion.

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