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Discovering Tranquility: My Journey at One YogaSource Los Gatos

Discovering Tranquility: My Journey at One YogaSource Los Gatos

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My Journey at OneYoga Source in Los Gatos

When life gets overwhelming or I’m just not feeling like myself, you’ll often find me seeking refuge at OneYoga Source. Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, it’s become my haven of tranquility and wellness over the past decade. Amidst the chaos of startup culture here in the Bay Area, this sanctuary has been my anchor, helping me find balance and inner peace.

But OneYoga Source is more than just a yoga studio to me—it’s a sacred space where I’ve forged deep connections and discovered profound healing. Despite being Silicon Valley’s largest and most acclaimed yoga, pilates, and cycle studios, it still feels intimate and personal, tailored perfectly to my needs.

Founded in 2002, OneYoga Source remains independently owned, with its flagship studio in Los Gatos and its latest addition, One Yoga in Morgan Hill, born out of pure passion and dedication to wellness. It’s not just a place to practice yoga; it’s a community that nourishes my soul and uplifts my spirit

My Sanctuary for Wellness

When I step through the doors at  OneYoga Source, I feel welcome with my mind at ease.  The studio’s serene ambiance, adorned with soft lighting and soothing music, immediately set the tone for relaxation and introspection. With its spacious practice rooms and tranquil meditation areas, OneYoga Source provided the perfect environment for me to escape the stresses of daily life and reconnect with myself on a deeper level. A Diverse Range of Classes and Workshops.

OneYoga Source offers a diverse range of classes and workshops tailored to suit practitioners of all levels and interests. From traditional Bikram Hot 26, Hot Pilates, Vinyasa flow classes to more specialized offerings such as Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, there was always something new and exciting to explore. I enjoy attending their themed workshops and retreats, which provided a deeper dive into specific aspects of yoga and wellness, such as mindfulness meditation and Ayurvedic healing.

One of the things that truly sets OneYoga Source apart is its team of expert instructors who are not only highly skilled in their craft but also deeply passionate about helping students on their wellness journey. Whether I was a beginner or an experienced yogi, I always felt supported and encouraged to explore my practice further. The instructors’ guidance and encouragement were instrumental in helping me deepen my understanding of yoga and unlock new levels of physical and spiritual growth. 

My favorite is  Anne Marie Corona’s Hot 26 Bikram Class, held on Sundays. Her guidance leads to a deeply rewarding and peaceful experience. The pace of her instruction is impeccably balanced – challenging yet serene. As a delightful finale, she offers cold, refreshing face towels after the session, adding a touch of indulgence to the experience. Anne Marie’s voice and presence truly elevate the class, making it a fantastic and profoundly rewarding journey.

On the other days, my go-to classes are the hot pilates sessions led by the one and only Leroy. Leroy Thoman ignites the room with his boundless energy. True to his reputation, the class is a dynamic fusion of cardio, endurance, and strength training, whether we’re using weights or not – and it’s always infused with a generous dose of fun. Leroy’s infectious energy is irresistible; he genuinely cares about each person in the room. 

Even with over 100 participants, the atmosphere pulsates with positive vibes. Leroy is an inspirational figure, and his teaching style uplifts and rewards. From head to toe, my body feels the benefits of his classes. 

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Leroy hosted an incredible class last year in partnership with Lululemon at Santa Row. The events are called the Lululemon Free Summer Yoga Series. You can Join Lululemon Santana Row for a complimentary Summer Yoga Series every Saturday morning May though September in Santana Row Park across from Left Bank Brasserie. Each class will be taught by a new, local instructor every week. Registration begins at 8:30am, and class begins at 9am! It was more than just a workout; it was a beautiful example of giving back to the community.

A Sense of Community and Connection

Beyond its physical offerings, what truly sets OneYoga Source apart is its strong sense of community and connection. Whether it was chatting with fellow yogis in the lounge area before class or attending community events and social gatherings, I always felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie at OneYoga Source. The studio’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere fostered meaningful connections and friendships that extended beyond the mat.

Multiple Locations and Retreats

In addition to its Los Gatos location, OneYoga Source also has a presence in Morgan Hill, offering even more opportunities for practitioners to connect with their practice and community. Furthermore, the studio hosts retreats 2-3 times a year, providing participants with the chance to deepen their practice in beautiful and serene settings.

A Sanctuary for the Soul

My regular visits to OneYoga Source became a cherished ritual—a sanctuary for my body, mind, and soul. Each time I stepped onto the mat, I found myself immersed in a world of tranquility and self-discovery. Through the practice of yoga, I learned to cultivate mindfulness, resilience, and inner peace, enriching every aspect of my life.

As I reflect on my journey at OneYoga Source, I am filled with gratitude for the transformative experiences and connections it has brought into my life. It is more than just a yoga studio—it is a sanctuary where I have found solace, inspiration, and a deeper sense of purpose. I look forward to continuing my journey at OneYoga Source and exploring the boundless possibilities that await on the path to wellness.

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